Hudson Family Dental: Where Family Dental Care is Our Passion

Comfortable, compassionate family dental care; welcoming atmosphere; friendly staff; the latest in technology… these are just a few things we pride ourselves on here at Hudson Family Dental, located in Hudson, MA. We’ve been in business for 36 years and over that time have grown a reputation in the Metrowest area for our devotion to our patients.

Built on a foundation of trust and transparency, Hudson Family Dental is dedicated to providing the very best in comprehensive, professional dental care in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. In fact, it’s our goal to treat each one of our patients the way we would like to be treated: with sensitivity, caring, and warmth. 

To that end, we place a great emphasis on maintaining open lines of communication and fostering a symbiotic relationship between staff and patients that lasts a lifetime. In this article we’ll talk about our ideal client, as well as what we do on our end to ensure excellence through every phase of your dental experience with us. 

We’ll also discuss the characteristics of the ideal client, your dental needs and preferences, the values and expectations that we impart, and the benefits of choosing Hudson Family Dental to be your partner along your oral healthcare journey.

Characteristics of the ideal client for Hudson Family Dental 

Because we are family-oriented, health conscious, and local, it makes sense that we would craft our ideal client in the mold of these three main goals.

Our ideal client is comprised of: 

1. Family-oriented individuals

Family is everything to every team member here at Hudson Family Dental. Heck, it says so right in our name! From toddlers to retired folks, we offer family dental care services to every member of your family. But we go a step further: we want to be your family dental practice for life, from that first visit as a small child in our chair for the first time to late in life patients who have been coming to us for decades. In fact, many of our older patients started with us back in the 80s as young kids or teens. 

We believe there are many benefits of offering family dental care, from convenience and cost effectiveness to the building of trust and comfort. Our practice truly embodies one stop care for all ages.

The dentists and staff at Hudson Family Dental. Family dental care concept.

Some of the benefits to family dental care include: 

  • The ability to maintain optimal oral health at every stage of life: From the minute your child’s first tooth pops out to the golden years of late adulthood. Proper dental care plays a critical role in the prevention of issues ranging from cavities to gum disease to tooth loss. For children, regular visits ensure cavities don’t take root while encouraging good oral health care routines that will stay with them. As we age, teeth whitening, crowns, and/or implants may be necessary to ensure continued function and esthetics of our smile. We’ve got you covered at every stage. 
  • Convenience and cost-effectiveness: Family dentists can ensure all your loved ones’ oral health needs are being met in one place. Not only can you schedule all your visits under one roof to save time and hassle, we will also submit your insurance claims and give you a complimentary breakdown of your insurance benefits.
  • Trusting relationships that develop over time: The relationship between dentist and patient is built on a foundation of trust and familiarity that only grows over the years. Following you from childhood to adulthood allows your dentist to know your unique dental history, preferences, and needs. This gives them a deep understanding of your challenges or concerns so that they can provide personalized care.

2. Health-conscious patients

Our practice is built on preventive care because we truly have your long-term best interests at heart. In our efforts to educate you and encourage positive lifelong oral care habits, we are molding health-conscious patients that not only incorporate good habits into their dental care but in all aspects of their physical and mental well-being. 

We know how important preventive care is for maintaining oral health, from twice-yearly visits here in the office to brushing and flossing daily at home. 

3. Local residents

You don’t get much more local than a dental office with its town in the name! Hudson Family Dental has been serving the needs of this town since 1988 and indeed all of the Metrowest. We offer a convenient location that makes regular visits easy. We are very proud of our community involvement and the trust we have built with you all over the years. 

You don’t get that personal connection with a chain. That’s something we know sets us apart from all the rest. 

Dental needs and preferences for family dental care

Our clients know they can come to us at any time for any reason thanks to our comprehensive dental services. From general dentistry (cleanings and cavity fillings), to pediatric dentistry for kids and teens, to cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening and veneers), we are able to offer state-of-the-art services for any need you have with the latest technological advancements (CEREC restorations, 3D imaging, Solea dental laser) and minimally-invasive procedures.

As you may have gathered by now, Hudson Family Dental is built on a goal of personalized care. From individual treatment plans to patient comfort, we know that every patient is unique. Our team can customize your treatment plan according to your specific needs and concerns. In addition, we can also anticipate your comfort level and preferences so that when you arrive, you know we’re doing all we can to put you at ease. 

Values and expectations

If you’re an existing patient, you know the value we place on high-quality care. This includes our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and our commitment to transparency and communication. These core values are tenets of our practice. We go to great lengths to ensure they pervade each and every experience you have with us. 

  • High-Quality Care: Our commitment to excellence in all facets of our dental services is evident with the skill and experience of our dental professionals.
  • Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere: You’ll be put at ease with our friendly office staff, comfortable waiting room, and our welcoming environment. 
  • Transparency and Communication: We want to be as upfront with you as possible. We know dental care can get expensive. That’s why we are clear in our communication about treatments you need as well as how much they cost. We have an open-door policy for questions and concerns regarding insurance and financing, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We strive to make dental care affordable for everyone. 

Benefits of choosing family dental care at Hudson Family Dental

From flexible scheduling and emergency services to insurance and payment options, we are all about YOU here. Check out the many benefits of choosing our team for your dental care needs: 

  • Comprehensive Dental Care for the Whole Family: We are your one-stop solution for all dental needs. We pride ourselves on continuity of care for all family members.
  • Flexible Scheduling and Emergency Services: We offer convenient appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. We also offer emergency services for those times when your dental care just can’t wait. 
  • Insurance and Payment Options: We accept many insurance plans. We also offer flexible payment plans through third-party services such as CareCredit for optimal affordability.

Contact Hudson Family Dental today for all of your family dental care needs in Hudson, MA.

Whether you’re new to the practice or you’ve been here for years and need to schedule your next appointment, please contact us at (978) 562-2782 or complete our online form.

Come see why Hudson Family Dental is your dental care partner for life!

What to Expect on Your First Visit to Hudson Family Dental

Welcome to Hudson Family Dental: Your Partner in Dental Health

Whether your preschooler is coming to see us for their first cleaning or you’re an adult in search of a new dentist, the first dental visit is important. Many things happen at this visit to prepare you for your journey with us, from gathering your medical history and taking x-rays to learning about our dental services and completing the necessary forms.

While all those details are important, we want you to feel comfortable and confident when visiting our office. From the front office staff to the hygienists to the dentists, we are a compassionate bunch who value the patient experience and do all we can to make you feel at ease when you walk through our doors. 

We love to talk about what we do, so ask us for a tour so you can meet our team, check out our latest technology, and prepare for your first visit with Hudson Family Dental. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect.

1.    The importance of being prepared for your first dental visit

While all visits with us are important, the first is especially critical in establishing a dental care routine and relationship with our team. We want you to feel comfortable with all staff members, including dentists, hygienists, clinical staff, and receptionists. When you’re here, we want you to feel at home, so go ahead and make yourself feel comfortable in our welcoming facilities. We want you to keep coming back, so if there are any questions you want to ask, we are all ears. 

2.    What to expect at your first dental visit

From easy scheduling to completing paperwork, we make your first visit a breeze.

Scheduling made easy 

You can book your visit with us in several ways: by phone at (978) 562-2782, by filling out a request online, or by visiting our office in person at 414 Main St. in Hudson, MA. At this time, we do not offer online scheduling, but we plan to incorporate this feature into our website soon.

Once you have booked your appointment, we will send you confirmations and reminders about your upcoming appointments and information on office specials via phone, text and email. For the first visit, we suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled visit to give yourself time to fill out the necessary paperwork. This will make check-in quicker and prevent delays in care.

Arrival and check-in 

When you walk in our doors, you will be welcomed by our friendly receptionists, who can check you in and answer any questions you may have. At this time, you will be asked to fill out relevant paperwork regarding your health and dental history, insurance information, and our financial agreement. Once you’re done with that, enjoy our latest magazines and guest Wi-Fi in our comfortable waiting area.  

To save time, use our online portal and app to make online payments, access appointment details, and fill out forms before your appointment.

Meeting our dental team

You will meet many people during your first dental visit with us. Our dental team comprises dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, an office manager, a patient care coordinator, and an insurance coordinator. We’re all here to make your journey with us a smooth one!

At Hudson Family Dental, we are driven by a commitment to personalized and attentive care. We pride ourselves on being a strong team focused on patient education and providing our patients with the highest levels of dental care. Comfort…personalized attention…, and compassion are what make us a family practice.

3.    The dental exam

Now that you’ve gone through all the preliminary steps, it’s time for the dental examination.

Comprehensive oral exam

First, you will receive a thorough oral exam that includes checking the teeth, bones, and overall health of your mouth and jaw, as well as a periodontal exam to inspect gum health. You will also receive an oral cancer screening. 

X-rays and imaging 

Next, it’s time for X-rays and imaging. This will give us a complete picture of your dental health that we can use as a baseline going forward. We will also do our best to contact your former dentist to obtain past radiographs, but this effort isn’t always fruitful. Be prepared to take new X-rays during your first visit with us. 

 4.    Consultation and discussion

From reviewing our findings to outlining your treatment plan, our comprehensive consultations will give you an idea of your overall oral health and familiarize our team with your needs. At the end of your first visit with the hygienist, the dentist will introduce themselves and review all the diagnostics the hygienist completed during the appointment. During this time, the dentist will show you some photos taken during the appointment to educate you on what is happening.

Dentist at Hudson Family Dental With A Patient

Treatment plan

Your dentist will discuss any recommended treatments or procedures and answer any questions you may have.

Preventive care advice

The dentist will also give you tips on maintaining good oral hygiene and preventive care measures and recommend different products you may find successful.

5.    Professional dental cleaning

The dental cleaning is a vital part of the process. During your cleaning, you can expect to receive: 

  •     Plaque and tartar removal
  •     Polish and shine
  •     Flossing
  •     Fluoride treatment, if applicable

If you have a small child who will soon be coming to us for their first visit, we suggest bringing them with you to your—or an older sibling’s—appointment so they can get a sense of what’s involved and get used to the environment. This will set them up for a positive first visit when it’s their turn.

Benefits of dental cleanings

From brightening your smile to promoting overall health, there are many benefits of dental cleanings. With professional cleanings, you can:

  • Prevent cavities and gum disease
  • Detect dental problems early on
  • Brighten your smile
  • Treat and manage dental problems
  • Improve oral hygiene and health
  • Promote overall health
  • Save money on invasive treatments later on

6.    Patient comfort and anxiety management

A big part of our mission here at Hudson Family Dental is to make patients feel as comfortable as possible during their visit. We do this by getting to know you and building a connection between you, your hygienist, and your dentist. While we do not offer sedation dentistry, we strive to make even the most anxious patients feel at ease in our office.

7.    Financial agreements and insurance

We understand that cost is an important factor in your dentistry experience and want you to know that our practice is committed to transparent pricing and providing cost estimates. We accept many dental health insurance plans, but even the best plans don’t cover everything, which means you are responsible for a part of the cost. Some of our patients have no insurance and pay out of pocket for all services.

Rest assured, we do our best to provide patients with an accurate estimate of their payment portion of the dental visit. However, because we are dealing with insurance companies, please remember that these are only estimates. You may be expected to pay more if your insurance company doesn’t pick up their portion.

Insurance Handling 

To ensure the billing and insurance process goes smoothly, we have a dedicated insurance coordinator who works hard daily to maximize our patients’ benefits. We submit all insurance paperwork for you, which is a unique feature for a practice of our small size.

 8.    Scheduling follow-up visits

Regular check-ups twice a year are essential for maintaining your oral health. At the time of your visit, your hygienist will schedule your next visit in six months, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to call later. Our convenient scheduling makes it easy to book your follow-up visits before you step out the doors. The front desk will schedule any restorative dentistry needs at your check-out time.

9.    Building a long-term relationship with our patients

If there’s one thing Hudson Family Dental is built on, it’s a foundation of trust and exceptional care. We strive to build long-term relationships with our patients throughout your oral care journey. Families…couples…individuals…teens…kids…older adults…seniors: we welcome you all with a warm office setting, quality care, friendly service, and the latest in technology to ensure a lifetime of good oral health.

Schedule your first visit with Hudson Family Dental

We make scheduling your first visit easy. Call us at (978) 562-2782, complete our online form, or visit our office at 414 Main St. in Hudson, MA. We look forward to building a relationship with you!


We offer convenient hours for our patients that extend into the early evening.

Monday: 8:00 am-8:00 pm
Tuesday: 7:00 am-8:00 pm
Wednesday: 7:00 am-8:00 pm
Thursday: 7:00 am-8:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am-2:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm **one per month**
Sunday: Closed


FAQS about first dental visits


Q: Do you see children?

A: Yes, we do!


Q: At what age should children be seen?

A: We recommend that children be seen at three and above. If your child is approaching that age, we recommend they first come with a parent or sibling before their appointment so that they know what to expect.


Q: What insurance companies do you in-network with?

A: We accept Delta Dental PPO Premier, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna.


Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes, we do, through CareCredit.


Q: How long does it take to fill out the initial paperwork?

A: We recommend arriving for your first appointment at least 15 minutes before your scheduled visit. This should be sufficient time to fill out paperwork and ask any insurance questions you may have. Arriving early to handle paperwork will prevent a delay in care. Alternatively, you can use our online portal and app to make online payments, access appointment details, and fill out forms before your appointment from the comfort of your home.